Emergency Statement of Georgian Communists

Declaration of solidarity and condemnation regarding the recent advances of Russian Imperialism and Western exploitation

The Acheron In Motion
2 min readFeb 24, 2022
“No to Imperialist War”

With the trumpets of Russian capital sounding, the Imperial army has started to bomb Ukraine and invade into its Eastern parts. We have once again become witnesses of the Great Russian Chauvinism and its expansionist politics, which has always been ready to crush smaller and subjugated nations. Putin has declared that the war in Ukraine serves “denazification” and “demilitarization.” He invoked the Ukrainian army to refuse carrying out the orders of “anti-people’s junta, which robs people.” This is what Putin tells the Ukrainians, a president, who has rehabilitated the members and squads of the White Army (i.e. of Russian Fascism and chauvinism); a president, who, with his loyal capitalists, has been robbing not only the Russian people, but anyone he can get his hands on.

The war in Ukraine is a conflict between Russian and Western Imperialisms. Rival imperialist nations squabble among one another to maintain or gain areas of influence, seize the markets and resources of various countries. It’s likely, due to Russia’s military and economic position, that the West will not start a war directly and will only levy sanctions, which will not hurt the Russian elite in any capacity and will only harm regular Russian people. The main victim of this war will not be Zelensky’s comprador government or “anti-people’s junta” as Putin and his supporters try to paint it, but the Ukrainian people and the average worker, who have become nothing but meat for various imperialist vultures, engulfed in the flames of propaganda, hybrid warfare and cut-throat nationalism.

Georgians, above everyone else, understand what it’s like to be trapped and crushed between Russian and Western Imperialisms, to be victims of both under the veil of humanitarianism, assistance and democracy. We know what it’s like to lose family and friends to neo-colonial missiles and mortar shells. We remember 2008 and warn the world of the catastrophic and brutal results of Putin’s regime, as well as the provocative and impotent governments and officials of the West. The only right way is rebuking all imperialist powers and joining with the international working class in opposition to any and all bourgeois attempts, missions and representatives, who fill their bellies with the streams of blood their lackeys turn the working people into.

Georgian Communists stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression.

No to imperialist war and capitalist militarism!



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