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It is time to set this tumultuous river of woes into motion. Also, the “we” is just me…

The Acheron In Motion
3 min readDec 25, 2020
The Souls of Acheron by Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl, 1898

Great, another Communist blog, just what we needed!

Hey now, you’ve barely even met me, don’t start complaining just yet!

Fine, but you will have to explain yourself, mister.

That is quite alright, fire away.

What does “The Acheron In Motion” mean?

The Acheron In Motion is a reference to a similarly-titled article published by Rosa Luxemburg in 1918. Beyond that, the word “Acheron” was used in Greek Mythology to describe one of the five rivers of the Underworld.

That is a very random thing to center your blog around…

Not if you take into account the fact that the author of this project is heavily influenced by Rosa Luxemburg, her life and her works!

Why Rosa Luxemburg?

The main objective is to snatch this magnificent revolutionary from the claws of Liberalism and reclaim her as the genuine Marxist she was. Given that most of Luxemburg’s works are still unavailable in English and that “Democratic Socialism” alongside other flavors of Liberalism have appropriated her extensively, it has become difficult to judge the historical role and legacy of this figure. Thus we have congregated on the banks of Acheron, chaotically flowing into the depths of Hades, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So will everything here be “Rosa-centric”?

Hardly. Just that my general stances align best with her thought. Otherwise, my publications will be as diverse and all-around-the-place as one would expect from a post-Soviet Communist.

Alright, I am in. What now?

That is a great question. I suppose we cannot sit around and drink coffee or “wait, in a fatalist fashion, with folded arms for the advent of the ‘revolutionary situation,’ to wait for that which in every spontaneous peoples’ movement, falls from the clouds.” So we have to read as much as we can — and that’s precisely why I am here! The main objective of this project is to provide original analysis and rare material from which one can learn about the most obscure and interesting theoretical works, as well as historical events that have run parallel to the Labor Movement since its genesis. In short, all you have to do is read.

Those are some big words you got there, will everything you write be this smug?

The aim is to be as accessible and understandable as one can be, so I hope not…

How many people are working on this blog? Can we contribute?

Currently, it is just me and my trusty mini-library. As for contributions, I would prefer if this blog was one-sided for now.

Any way I can contact you?

Of course — you can always shoot me an email at theacheroninmotion[at]

Ok then, see you around, I guess…

Don’t be a stranger!



The Acheron In Motion

The Acheron In Motion is run by a passionate Communist from a post-Soviet state, publishing about revolutionary history and the fundamental theses of Marxism.